Flooded Wilson

I am not one to be discouraged by the fact that a river is almost at flood stage. Nope. If I can get my family in the car and have a lazy day searching for fish along the Wilson then I am game. I did find a fish, a monster ten incher! There was also a really nice solid pull that made my heart skip a beat, but went nowhere. I know there are large fish in the river, I saw then just a few weeks ago. I just have to wait for the water level to fall. Hey, sure beats sitting around the house.

Weird sign

The other day I went to the Wilson to hike up a section of the river I had not been on. I found lots of great holes and bends in the river that I will be going back to soon when the larger Cuttthroat come up. Caught a lot of little guys on nymphs and dries but couldn’t seem to find the big ones. The one nice one I did get into I wasn’t even paying attention and he ran off with my line and then slipped off when I tried to get some tension on. Geez, newbie. There was one larger one cruising in barely moving water about 12 feet down—he was just there to taunt me.

So with my great collection of plastic and glass bottles that I had found I headed back to the car (btw – don’t pick up beer cans in the woods in Oregon as slugs love beer but it kills them and they stew in the sun and the beer and it makes a REALLY awful smell). On the way out I found a great ocean blue marble with a cream and red band running through it. The marble even seems like it is handmade as its not 100% round and has the little bump where it would have been on a glass makers stick. Odd the stuff you find. Speaking of odd check out this sign I saw at the gas station.

I actually started looking at all the bugs that are constantly accumulating on my windows to see if I could make any matches. Now they just need to put BWOs and PMDs on the sign.

Wilson River

I carved out a little time the other day to run off  to the Wilson River and I am sorry to say I could not find any large Searun Cutthroat. Just tons and tons of six to nine inchers. The section of river in the photo below usually holds at least a few nice size ones. Nope, not today.

So I practiced my casting (trying to avoid the little fish). MidCurrent has a whole bunch of videos on their sight and I had just watched one called “The hand and arm” from that master caster Joan Wulff. Hand, arm, hand, arm, hand…


My dad loves driftwood. Some day I will have to take him to Port Orford on the southern Oregon coast so he can go through this pile. I found a few fun small pieces and Emily found a beautiful flat piece she is going to make a necklace from.

I didn’t find anything nearly as cool as the bird skull I found on the Wilson River a year or so ago. Now it hangs on the wall going into the back yard. Like my own little museum piece.