Upper McKenzie – Nice fish but they were sporadic

The upper McKenzie was nice on Thursday but the fishing was extremely sporadic. I showed up about 10:30am and had a few really nice fish on #12 Parachute Adams that I tied a little mahogany dubbing into. Four nice 16-18 inch fish like this one in an hour:

But then it was dead for two hours or more. You could see a few fish rising around but they were not taking anything I was offering. In the afternoon I switched over to nymphing with a #16 BH flashback pheasant tail and a #18 mercury pheasant tail lower. They were nailing the mercury pheasant tail the whole afternoon all the way until the sun went down:

Getting ready…

I went into the fly shop today and it felt really strange to walk out with a filled small brown bag for only $20.

Recently I talked my friend into loaning me all his fly tying stuff from his attic and I have just gotten totally addicted to tying flies. I started with some small midges then had to skip over to Elk Hair Caddis. After making dozens of caddis I started to make foam body caddis which I have to say float great and the fish loved the tan ones. But then the other day when I was on the McKenzie I lost my only size 10 Parachute Adams I had left and I decided to get the stuff to tie more. My friend already had the brown saddle hackle so I only had to buy a grizzly hackle and off I went. Three days and 25 Parachute Adams later I think I have them down pat. Which brings me to today and the $20. I went and got several color sections of foam for some Moorish October Caddis and some bleached elk hair for some flies to take on my trip to Colorado. The beauty is that with that small purchase I can make probably 80 fllies. And if you know me and my silly stubbornness I will use every single last little scrap and turn out at least 25 of each pattern until I get them perfect.

Here is a photo of my Parachute Adams and my still needing to be perfected October Caddis (man those size 8 October Caddis are fun to fish).


My dad loves driftwood. Some day I will have to take him to Port Orford on the southern Oregon coast so he can go through this pile. I found a few fun small pieces and Emily found a beautiful flat piece she is going to make a necklace from.

I didn’t find anything nearly as cool as the bird skull I found on the Wilson River a year or so ago. Now it hangs on the wall going into the back yard. Like my own little museum piece.