Maybe I Understand

I have only been to the Metolius River a handful of times seeing that it’s a three hour drive from me, but every time I would get skunked. So after a recent trip with not a lot of action on the McKenzie I thought I would run over and put some miles hiking along the Metolius to try to spot some good water. Now bear in mind I have been to the Metolius several times and been skunked so I was elated when I told myself “ok, last cast” and I got this fish on:

Definitely not the largest fish, but I was so happy to catch anything that was not a fingerling on the river that I thought it a bit of a blessing and packed up and took a leisurely stole back out to the car. So fast forward to my dad and his fishing buddy coming out for the steelhead trip. Of course we were not going to hike up the Deschutes as we were going to spend three days up there (and I did not want to show them how to spey cast, leave that to the pro). They wanted to go somewhere beautiful and scenic to catch trout so the Metolius it was. We got some great advice on water type from the fly shop in Camp Sherman and headed out. Half way through the day I got into the beautiful fish below in some nice fast water. Again not the largest fish ever, but damn look at those colors.

(thanks for the photo CJ)

I am super excited to get back there and see what I can do with my new learned knowledge. I think I may have to take my 7 weight along to swing for some of those bull trout monsters too.