Summer Run 2013

Only one trip out to the Deschutes so far this season, but my what a trip it ended up being. Alex and I didn’t get out with the massive crowds in the early morning instead we chose the stay late method and got most of the river to ourselves. There was a crazy gold glow everywhere due to the fire over the hills near The Dalles that made for some crazy rich photos. The beautiful fish above was right on the side of a rock just above some really large rapids. Lucky for me the fish went upriver into some lovely slow water and not downriver. It had a gorgeous tail, but I am still not used to shooting my own fish with a SLR so I managed to cut of much of the fish in all the other shots.

Rev ‘er on up to head back home!

The little guy above was one of the most aerial steelhead I have landed. Every time it would jump I would drop my rod tip and just wait and pray that the tension wold still be there.

Alex tying on a Freight Train.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back out there.

Colorado vacation

My lovely wife with one of her many fish that she showed me up with on the Colorado.

Dream Stream rainbow.

Pops with another Dream Stream rainbow.

Bob Dye netting for me on the Colorado. If you want to fish the Colorado he is the guy to go with. He is from Blue Quill Angler fly shop.

Camping in style.

Roughing it.

Chalk cliffs near Salida, CO. Want to camp here next summer.

Chalk creek.


Mega Mecca

Alex and I followed the stonefly hatch up the Deschutes (aka The best river ever)  to the area around Mecca Flats. For some reason we had never fished this area, but it was super fun. During the day the fishing was slow, but come sundown the fish exploded on the river and the new custom Chubby style flies I tied the night before really came into there prime. I have never seen top action like this on the Deschutes or any other river with such large trout rising for that matter. I have seen lots of small fish rising on many a river, but these were big redsides rising all around you. It was f***king awesome! Anyhow, within one hour both Alex and I had hooked many fish in the 16 to 20 inch range and after awhile we just had to get going since we had spent the whole day fishing and are arms were just burnt out. You know it is fun when you totally forget to take a single picture.

The fishing in Mecca Flats is super fun. I had very rarely been able to sight cast to trout on the Deschutes with its mixture of depth, size, and murky flow. The Mecca area has lots of gorgeous shallows that made it easy to spot lots of fish and that was such a fun change on my favorite river.

Maraca Buddies

I got back out to the Deschutes this past weekend along with Haddis Catch to go see if the big bugs were still hanging around. The grey, overcast, windy day was not making the bugs as active as they were the weekend before with the sun, but they were still hanging around in the grass. We hit up the best water we could find. I made lines to some of my favorite spots. Most of them are the super overgrown with blackbeeries type of places that you just look at your waders and say “sorry about the holes” to get into. Those spots have always produced the best for me. This time was no different. This beauty was hanging out right under some blackberries dangling over the edge of the river ten inches from the bank.

I headed down to an easier access spot and after getting rattled at by one of my maraca wielding friends (always fun for the nerves) I found this fun fighting fish.

The top action slowed and Haddis Catch went sub-surface and got into this beauty.

The best part of all was that we had the whole side of the river to ourselves! What more could you want.

Getting there

While I have had a crazy season with my attempts at winter steelhead. Only one fish hoooked way back in December. It was not for lack of trying. I went out several times, but hey I guess that’s steelheading, right?

So with the reports of the coastal rivers being crazy low Alex and I hit up the Deschutes. I was so happy to be back on my favorite river. The day proved a bit rough with the crazy wind. There were a few times I was almost knocked over and you could not stand near any whitewater for fear of getting a sideways shower. We did manage a few trout, which seeing as you could only cast a rods length or so and that if you had any line of the water the wind would pick your flies right out of the water, was pretty good.

All in all it was just great to get out there and get a fish to hand.


Did anyone else realize that it’s already February? Not really sure what happened to January. While, that’s not entirely true. I got out one time In January to chase some chrome, but lets back up a little. Near my birthday back in December I got to head out to the North Fork Nehalem with Alex and we fished hard all day with no fish to show until Alex gave me my special present. I tied that new puppy on the end of my line and wouldn’t you know within five casts I had a huge buck on. I fought and fought to try and get him up out of the deep hole he was in. I got him all the way up to my hand and then I let the tension off (like a dope) and sure enough he was gone. Tis better to love and lost…

While then the holidays in Mexico happened which was an amazing trip with the whole family. Then my parents came out to help with the kids while my wife went to Virginia to help her mom who had a surgery. Then the norovirus hit the kids. A week of puke and poop. Yeeeehhhaaa!

I did get one trip to the area above the hatchery on the North Fork Nehalem to scope for wild steelhead on a particularly frigid day. We only saw one fish the whole day and I lost several flies in the boulder run trying to coax it out.  There was a really cool tree that had a cavity with icicles in it that looked really menacing on the way back like he was guarding some ancient forest secret and any second would spring to life.

I did get a new car which is cool since we have basically been a one car house and when the wife needed the car on the weekend I had to bum rides. The old ’96 Pontiac is finally being retired. So long old fella. Hope this new machine is a bit more fishy!

Dang trout

Well I knew it was kind of a long shot, but Alex and I decided to head up to Maupin and see if we could find any  steelhead hanging around that were hungry. We jumped out of the truck right in town and walked a ways down to a favorite spot where upon Alex once again broke a rod. He kind of has a thing for breaking rods and unfortunately last year I got that bug, but luckily nothing has happened for along time now.

Alex headed back up to the truck to get the back up rod out and I finished out the run and came back up and what should I see but The Haddis Catch machine parked right next to us. We gathered the new rod and headed down river to catch up with him. The three of us leap frogged our way down the river looking for that one big pull. I stuck with the spey rod all day and was really surprised to have several really nice redsides completely slam the new fly I have been tying. They slam the fly and your heart races then the realization that the fish is just not pulling hard enough, but hey I am not going to complain about catching some of the hardest fighting trout I know of.

We fished away the rest of the day until we were walking the tracks in the dark. We headed back up to Rainbow Tavern in town and waxed off a pitcher of beer and share great stories of fish and kids.