So it goes

The text came in late Friday night “Going crazy. Have to fish. U in?” I have been feeling just as crazy lately so when I got an all clear from the wife I ran to find my phone and texted back yes. We hooked up in the morning both of us just excited to get away from the craziness of the previous week. Alex has been working like a dog and my current job is trying to get every possible hour out of me before my last day on Friday (I have a new job lined up, but no fishing days in between).

We explored the ever shifting Necanicum and found lots of pretty spots but no willing fish until this beautiful wild steelhead:

I was fishing with my 7wt 9 foot Sage Graphite IV and check out the bow the fish put on my rod:

Just for fun here is a video of the fish on (listen to my coach urging me along):

Join the Native Fish Society and help protect these WILD steelhead for out next generation like my daughter who, as you can see, loves playing in these coastal rivers as much as me.

7 thoughts on “So it goes”

  1. Awesome to see there are wild fish in there. I’ve been hitting the Wilson the last couple weekends and had a big one break off the weekend before last. Returned to the same spots last weekend for a good skunking… Maybe hitting the Salmonberry on Friday…

    1. Thanks man. It’s a Simms headwater hip pack that I have had a few years. Its nice but I wish the zipper was more waterproof. A few times I have gone in to deep and filled it with water.

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