Help the Native Fish Society save wild fish on the Sandy River

Please take a second and fill out this action alert and help save the wild salmon and steelhead on the Sandy! Almost 200 letters were sent on January 12th alone, but if you want to have a world class wild fish run in Portland’s backyard you have to take action now.

Go to this link and just toss in your name, e-mail, and city:

This campaign is unfolding with Spencer over at White Fish Can’t Jump so you can head over there for updates.

Thanks for your time and your help!

From Native Fish Society:

The Sandy River flows just 20 miles from downtown Portland and has the potential to be one of the healthiest suburban salmon and steelhead rivers in the world. Over the past decade $75 million has been donated towards Sandy River habitat restoration, yet the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife continues to resist any reductions in their Sandy hatchery programs. This is extremely detrimental to wild fish.

Runs of salmon and steelhead on the Sandy are currently 3-10% of their historic abundance, and continuing to decline year after year. Much of this decline can be linked to an unaccountable hatchery program. In a recent Portland Tribune article, ODFW District Biologist Todd Alsbury said that reducing the Sandy River hatchery program is a “last resort.” The ODFW has known for decades that hatchery fish reduce the fitness and long term abundance of wild fish, yet they have demonstrated that they are more interested in protecting their hatcheries than in protecting our wild fish. If future generations are to ever glimpse a spawning salmon, this must change.

Sandy river fall chinook, spring chinook, coho and winter steelhead are currently listed under the Endangered Species Act, and chum salmon have gone extinct.

As a supporter of Oregon’s native fish, please call on ODFW to terminate their harmful Sandy River hatchery program.

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