Foam Elk Hair Caddis

Here is the little Foam Elk Hair Caddis I have been tying.

I should probably be using some lighter hackle but hey, I have brown and grizzly so I will just make a dozen of each and see which the fish like best. The premium elk hair I got is great. The undercoat cleans out so much easier then the normal hair. Worth the extra dollar!

One thought on “Foam Elk Hair Caddis”

  1. Good job man. But here is what you need to be making now for the Upper Sacramento. (-:

    #14-18 B.H. Prince Nymph (std. or Amber wing)
    #8 -14 Mercer’s Poxyback Golden Stone Nymph
    #14 -18 Copper John (Red and Original)
    #14-16 Z-Wing Caddis Pupa-Green (with and w/out B.H.)
    #14 Fox’s Poopah. ( Tan and Olive/with and without B.H.)
    #6 Superfloss Rubberlegs (Brown/Black)
    #16-18 B.H. Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph
    #14-18 B.H. Micro Mayfly Nymph (Olive, Brown, Black)
    #16-18 Hogan’s S&M Nymph
    #14 -16 Bird Nest (with and without B.H)
    #18 Black, Olive, or Red Midges
    #8-10 October Caddis Pupa or Emergers

    #16-18 Elk Hair Caddis (Olive & Black)
    #16 Cutter’s E/C Caddis Emerger
    #16-18 Parachute Adams
    #16 BWO Imitations
    #8 Golden Stonefly
    #6 Salmonfly Dry
    #8-14 Stimulators
    #16 Yellow Sally Dry
    #14-18 Yellow Humpy

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