N. Fork on a Falling Day

Alex got out to the N. Fork Nehalem this past week when the river was falling and found a two great Steelhead. One was wild and the other one (in the photo) came home for dinner. Me, I was sitting at my desk being a god worker bee. Come on economy, get better so I can go freelance again!

6 thoughts on “N. Fork on a Falling Day”

  1. Once again it was thanks to your awesome flies that I got to catch fish. Thanks man. Steelhead season is just starting up. We’ll find time to catch more. Have faith, my friend.

  2. Nice fish man. I got one out of there on the third with my switch rod when the water was dropping, too. I can’t go there anymore though… I need solitude.

    1. You can park at the hatchery and walk across the river (when it’s low) or go across the bridge just north of the hatchery and follow the road down along the river. There are always way less people down below. Most times I don’t see anyone.

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