A Nice Late November Skunking

On Sunday Alex and I headed over to the Wilson for a beautiful skunking. A gorgeous blanket of snow was everywhere but the sun peaked out occasionally during the time we were there (before it slipped back into clouds and rain). We saw several large Chinook on the higher reaches of the river and even threw a few flies over a pool holding six but nothing could entice them. We headed down river to see if there were any Steelhead around but the river was to large down below. We contemplated heading over to the North Fork Nehalem but went and found Alex a you cut tree place instead. The man who was selling the trees said the only rule is “the farther away and down the hill that you pick a tree, the farther you have to pull it to get it out”. Of course Alex picked the hill at the bottom of the hill and just about as far away as you could get. Here is the happy man trying to pick between two fine specimens:

3 thoughts on “A Nice Late November Skunking”

  1. Hey guys,
    We met in the Orvis store opening. Just thought I’d say what’s up. Maybe sometime we’ll bump into each other on the water. Good luck to you and Happy Holidays.


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