ODFW Salmon Illustration

I found this great image in a ODFW document from 1986 about the state of Salmon in Oregon that I was reading. Didn’t figure many people would go hunting the document down so I thought I would share.

3 thoughts on “ODFW Salmon Illustration”

    1. I would love to anchor there but sadly I don’t have a boat. I have a pontoon, but the idea of putting it anywhere near an estuary seems like a bit of a death wish. Some day… Sigh!

  1. fear not the estuary. i grew up with a dumb fear of the estuary fostered by know-nothing drift-boaters joking about being sucked out into the ocean if you didn’t catch the last take-out. reality is the estuary can be the most accessible part of a river. and once you’re out there through some tide cycles you’ll see it works just like the river you’re used to. and the fish often show themselves.

    a pontoon is a wonderful estuary craft. wind is the only bitch, and everyone is equally screwed then. for flyfishing in the saltchuck you should have a 10# and a 15# anchor, both with 50′ lines, and of course always wear a very good life preserver.

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