So I don’t know if I have just not been on the right rivers at the right time or if I have have just never payed that much attention but I have not seen a Sculpin before. I have seen photos of them but when you see them at your feet its a different story. Man they have big heads. I was just watching Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout (see post below) the other day and I was thinking that his Sculpin fly, the Zoo Cougar (image below), was huge. Nope, Sculpins are bigger. The one in the photo was five or six inches long and I could see others around that looked bigger. I think the water in the Nehalem was just to warm and they were being super dormant because I have been there several times and never seen them. All I know is I am going to have to tie up some of his Zoo Cougar’s and give it a try when the water cools off. Maybe when it cools the Cuttthroats will come up!

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