Fish anything

It is so hard to pass up fish toys for my daughter. Ok, Ok, fish toys, fish books, fish swimming pools, fish tub toys, you get the idea. We go to Target to get her a little pool to beat the heat wave here in the NW, and I  gravitate to the one with the fish on it. I see a fish toy at a garage sale and I think “SCORE!”. It sure would have made my Grandpa happy though—man that guy liked to fish.

I saw these salt and pepper shakers at a restaurant in Clackamas, OR and they made me think of my Grandpa. Seemed like something he would have had. Now that I think of of it I should start using my Creel. Where is that thing?

One thought on “Fish anything”

  1. Yes the creel looks like something that would be sitting next to the breasty naked woman wearing gauze for an evening dress. What a character. I miss him.

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