Chubby Saturday

I finally nailed the Stonefly hatch on the perfect day. I mean catching this on a big fat size 8 Chubby Chernobyl rocks:

So I hooked up with Alex early Saturday morning and we visited all the regular spots that we had found fish in before but only managed to find fingerlings. After a few hours of roaming around the river we headed to the car for a lunch break and we decided to head up to Dechutes Angler to try and figure out what we were doing wrong. After a pep talk from Amy and Travis we went back down to the river and hiked in to some of the water type that they were describing. The first place we found and “Fish on!” We found spot after spot and every one of them was good for at least one fish, some even put up half a dozen or more.

One spot in particular I caught a nice fish and Alex went right after and pulled another nice fish from the same hole. I went back over and tossed my line over the hole and this time Alex was shooting a little video for me:

This was the fish in the video:

The hole was good for almost a dozen fish with Alex and I switching off one after the other. One fish even exploded out of the water to try and take my fly before it even touched the water.

On Sunday we met up with White Fish Can’t Jump and hiked a less traveled part of the Dechutes. Not to long into the hike I got into that gorgeous fish at the top of this post and he fought like a monster. Zipping up to the shallow ledge and back into the deep pool he would rip line off and make my heart race at the sound and the feel of that power. Deschutes trout really know how to put up a fight. All three of us got into some really nice fish on Sunday and all of mine were on that same Chubby Chernobyl that I used both days. Here’s Alexs fish with the Chubby in the perfect spot:

If you want to tie a Chubby Chernobyl check out this link.

Oh, and careful in the tall grass. The Rattlesnake I almost stepped on was kind enough to hiss and rattle at me instead of biting me.

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  1. That was a lot of fun David. Those fish on a dry fly were a blast! I think it would have been even better if we had gotten there a week earlier, since we are having such a warm May this year. I’ll better mark the calendar for 2011…

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