I like finding old postcards and photos of bridges and rivers so I was really excited to find this one the other day as I poked around the internet. This bridge is at the junction of the Salmonberry River (coming in from the center right) and the Nehalem River (the main river flowing down the center). I have walked across the bridge many a time and have even found a few fish in the hole right behind the rocks that are in the center of image. The train doesn’t run anymore as the tracks were all damaged or washed away (see this post). I got the card for $3 from a place in Eugene.

One thought on “Postcard”

  1. That is a beautiful image. I wish that life was full of colors that rich. Oh Well, I’d love to fish that pocket below the 4-5 boulders downstream of the bridge. T-R-O-U-T!

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