Holiday tying season

I finally got a new rotary vise! What a great Birthday gift, huh. Its a Renzetti Traveler 2200 with a material clip on the vise arm. Thats a small size 20 parachute BWO with a goose biot wrapped on the tail.

Since I had the new vise and was in Colorado I went to Charlie Cravens Fly Box and WOW! I have never seen such an impressive collection of fly tying gear. All quality products—I didn’t have to dig through dozens of bags of deer hair to find a good bunch. To top it off Charlie Craven himself was helping me and just from the information he was telling me while I was gathering supplies I feel like I had a lesson on fly tying. The goose biot BWO that is in the picture up above is from his large collection of online fly tying recipes. Switch out the BWO colors for adams grey and  you have an impressive parachute adams. Also, the biot on the parachute fly makes the parachute fly really light and super waterproof as compared to the dubbing down the whole body (wait until you see the these Alex. We are going to have a blast with ’em).

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