Shuttle weave fun

This is one heck of a indestructible pattern for a fly. It’s a little confusing to tie in the beginning but once you get a used to the shuttle weave (also known as polish weave) they come off the vise pretty quick. I was using two strands of brassie size wire on each braid but medium wire would have worked better. This seems like a solid alternative to the harder versions of caddis flies that I have been tying. Those were the OH MY GOD! I LOST ONE! S**T! type of flies and when you are nymphing hard for trout and loose several flies in a day that is probably not the best type of flies to be tying. I am going to tie some of these in larger sizes to use as stoneflies also—maybe a nice golden stone, hmmmm. Just need to run to the fly shop for larger wire first.

It photographs terrible but in real life it look great. The Mylar tinsel under the wire really makes it shimmer. You could also under coat the body with Ice Dub and that could be really cool.

Shuttle Weave Nymph
Hook: Daichi 1150 size 6-18
Bead: Gold (sized to hook)
Thread: Uni 6/0 (use one of the body colors, I used olive for this fly)
Body: Two contrasting strands of Ultra Wire
Under body: Mylar Tinsel, Large and a few wraps of Lead Wire
Thorax: Dubbing (I used Ice Dub)

There is a good photo tutorial here and a video here:

One thought on “Shuttle weave fun”

  1. I saw this fly in real life and…”Man, that is one nice looking fly!!!!” I was very impressed. Good job David. You have become a master tier.

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