Kids and mushrooms

It’s almost time to get back to fishing. Fall in the NW hits and I can never seem to get outside enough days to do all the amazing things that are happening with the start of the rain. Huge trout feeding like crazy for winter, Coho, Chinook, and Chanterelles. I got out several times this fall for some amazing trout fishing on the McKenzie and tried to find some salmon on the North Coast rivers (with no luck since there are so few this year). But when the cold air starts to move it’s way in I always start to get worried about my reserve of Chanterelle mushrooms for the year. I have a 5 Liter (1.3 Gallons) glass jar with a hinge lock glass lid that I store them all in once they are dehydrated and if the jar isn’t full come the freezing weather, that kills the mushrooms, then I know I will definitely run out by next Chanterelle season (Oct–Nov).

In the past I have had no issue filling the jar and several gallon zip-lock bags with the dried mushrooms but this year I have a little something on my back slowing me down:

(Chloe & Me — Alex & Lorenzo. Not sure why I look so short as I am the same size as Alex.)

What a work out climbing up a 45 degree hill, over and under fallen trees, and trying to spot small morsels of happiness (the Chanterelles) mixed in with all the other similarly colored leaves scattered around. Not to mention that when you do find one you get to do a power squat with 20 or so pounds on your back. Now repeat for two hours and dozens of mushrooms. Wheeeeee.

I did get to run down to my favorite area, which is about 30 minuets from my house, solo on Monday. I was out during one of those rain storms that the TV loves to jump on “FIRST FLOODING OF THE SEASON – TONIGHT ON CHANNEL 12”. Lucky for me I don’t watch TV so I didn’t know that the hard rain was supposed to be the first large storm of the season or I would have known and gone anyway. I hiked around at full speed with my dog and proceeded to find one Chanterelle in 20 minuets. But then as I hiked further up the hill I spotted one that was trying to hide in a large patch of Oregon Grape. As I got closer I noticed that there were tons of them all in this one area. I went home happy and the jar is sure to be filled as soon as they are all dry. Now back to fishing.

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