Go with the snow

Alex and I got away on Sunday and as we drove into Washington in search of mushrooms realized that the awesome weather we get here in the NW during fall is quickly coming to a close. We headed up into the hills and started to see a dusting of snow around, nothing to worry about. But then we started seeing the cars coming down that had inches of snow on the roofs, ummm. While when we got to the mushroom gathering area I was singing that Christmas song about riding in a wonder land of snow because it looked like this:

Ugghhh. I hate snow. Only thing it’s good for is staying in the mountains, away from me, and melting so I have water in my rivers. While we got out anyway and to our surprise we actually found some white chanterelles in the white snow. A whole basket of them in 30 minuets.  Alex was wearing all bright orange and I was all in black. Guess which of us is going to get shot by a hunter first. I had a hunter tell me one time that I must be “stupid to run around in huntin’ woods dressed like that” (not really what he said but close) so I bought a reflective vest I just forgot it this trip.

We had enough of the snow and headed back down the hill to the warmer weather. As we got near Bonneville Dam we thought we would just stop and see what was going on at the mouth of Eagle Creek. There were not the vast amounts of salmon stacked there but there were a lot. Some fresher fish were interspersed with the ones on there last leg. If only I could have got some of the fresh ones. While this fish fought hard and he deserves his photo anyway:

We cast farther down along the bank but no luck. I will never end up there at the “right” time because I don’t want to stand around with the 100 or so people that were combat fishing there at the “right” time. I will stick to my spots where I am alone and will go catch my fresh salmon in Alaska (or Costco, they carry fresh wild salmon at the one near me).

Alex got this photo of me. Ahh moody Oregon…

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