Back on the McKenzie

The weekend after we got back from our trip to Colorado my family headed down to the McKenzie to have a little time together and let my wife, who had just taken a class the previous week, get in some fishing. I was the first to kick things off with a nice little rainbow on a #10 Parachute Adams that I had just tied that morning.

But then an hour or so later the best thing happened… my wife saw a fish rise a few times and decided that she was going to catch THAT fish. So she waited until the correct timing in the fishes rising and voila! Look what she found

Awwww…. what a happy fly fishing husband I am.

There were more fish after that but nothing could compare to her fish. Now I just need to tie some more Parachute Adams to make up for the six I lost. Aww, schucks I have to tie flies.

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