Man, I love the Deschutes

With wind, cold,  and rain descending on Oregon I couldn’t make up my mind the night before what to do the next day. The road that heads to the Deschutes (84) is one of the worst roads I have ever driven in bad weather. Huge ruts with standing water and wind that is desperately trying to push you over the edge into the Columbia. I had to go though. The cold weather always signals an end to Deschutes trips and the start of the coastal steelheading. Only problem is I love fishing the Deschutes so much. I got there and landed a small steelhead within the first 30 minutes. So I decided with the skunking I had the previous trip out off I would hike up the miles to my favorite spots one last time. I fished my first favorite area and nothing so I headed up to a great run and fished the whole thing and still nothing. A little bummed I headed back to favorite area and decided I was going to get a fish from that spot. So I stood there like some type of dork who could not get the point and worked my grid system out foot by foot. Then I got into the beauty up above. After a beautiful fight and several aerial displays I got the fish to the slow water and managed to throw my camera up in the grass and self timer the picture. I totally rejoiced in letting the beautiful wild fish go. I walked out to the end of the area and looked back up and felt sad that I would not be back to that are for months. The river has had so many awesome memories this year and over the past few years. I love going there and can’t wait for the weather to warm and bring in the 2014 summer run.

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