All Day

When I got home from fishing on Saturday my wife asked how the day was. I told her I had fished hard all day and within the last 45 minuets before the sun went down I finally hooked a steelhead. She looked at me and said “I can’t believe…” and trailed off. What she was going to say is that she can’t believe that I am willing to be out all day casting and not catch anything. Sometimes when I am on the river and not hooking fish I wonder about what I am doing too. Is this the right fly? Right depth? Right run? All I can do is put on flies I trust in and work the runs I know always hold fish. It’s funny to think that just years back I would be totally ecstatic if I even caught one twelve inch fish in a day. Know I get bummed if I go out and don’t catch at least one steelhead.

Alex hooked five that day and landed two. He also caught the mother of all sucker fish. We saw Haddis Catch up on the river and met up with him in the pitch black back at the parking lot. We all headed to Double Mountain in Hood River for some killer pizza and beer and sat around discussing¬† our obsession. One thing that I really thought was interesting is when Haddis Catch mentioned that more and more the Deschutes River steelhead are not cutting it excitement wise. “Maybe head to the Clearwater or the Dean for some monster steelhead?” was mentioned. It is funny that I can still remember just years ago the pure adrenaline rush when I hooked my first steelhead and now I am in the same boat wondering about where to go to test my skills on some larger fish.

ps: Yes I have fished the Clearwater (here is the post) and yes I landed several of the monster B run steelhead, but that was with a guide and not using my own flies, water reading, and knowledge to get the fish.

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  1. That pizza was killer.

    And the fact that D steelhead aren’t cutting it anymore is pretty indicative of the depth of the fishing addiction– time to up the dose!

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