A Little Pre-work Exploring

I went to the Hood River office for the company I work for on Thursday and I thought that since I had only ever fished the mouth of the river I would explore up a little farther. Totally unnecessary as the mouth under the trestles is a great spot, but I love to find new runs anywhere I can.  A few miles south of town there was a pull out with a good hike down a steep hill that dropped you into a great hole. A little hike up and you came upon this great bridge over the water pipe (I think it;s a water pipe. Correct me in comments if you know different). Just above the pipe there was a great run where I got a take, but no set. My phone alarm went off at 8:45 and it was time to pack up, hike up the hill, and head to the office. I made it by 9. I could get used to living in a town with a river running like this one running through it.

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