My younger brother and I finally decided on a date in the fall for him and his wife to come visit. They wanted to experience some of the awesome benefits of living in the Pacific North West. We decided two things we had to do were mushroom hunting and getting him into his first steelhead. The mushroom part I was fine with. I can find them all over the place and never go home skunked. The steelhead part, well…

I decided the only way to go about this was to take him on a march from the mouth of the Deschutes to parts of the river I am familiar with. When we got there I would put him right on the prime spots and say “fish from here to here”. I felt a little sill not having him cover large amounts of water, but in a few sections up there I know where the fish are stacked and I figures they offered the best possibility of fish. After an hour or so at the first spot I was starting to get nervous. He place a bunch of great casts right through the heart of the spot and nothing. All I could do was stand and watch his line. It was hard to head up river, but we did. He was right in the prime spot in the new run and still we were not finding any takers. I decided to walk a little down river and fish as I always fish better without people right around me so I thought the same might go for him. After 30 minuets or so in that upper run I started worrying about where we would go next as these were my two best spots, then I hear the hum of the reel. FISH ON!! I ran up river to him and tries to patently remind him to breathe. It was such a fun experience to get someone into there first steelhead. About ten minuets later he got into the fish above. Two steelhead on your first day trying, pretty awesome bro!

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