I can now check fish the Bighorn off my list thanks to my dad. Three days of guided fishing? yes, please! It is really a crazy river. The nutrient rich water from the dam makes the fish grow quick and there are a ton of them. As we floated along you could look down in the water and watch dozens of fish run off. And they were every where in the river. One particularly fun thing was to be able to fish for trout from a boat. I have only fished from a boat in Idaho for steelhead before. Sure I have floated around on my own in a personal boat, but with someone else rowing I got to practice up on streamer fishing and it was a blast.

Awesome food was enjoyed very night and some really awesome stories from my dads fishing buddies. Thanks for the great time dad!

I fished dry flies to the above fish for a good 30 minuets before I was able to hook him in that riffle behind me. The first fish on my moms new 3 weight!

Some beautiful horses decided the grass was greener on the other side of the river. What an awesome thing to watch while you eat lunch.

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time! These photos are awesome. I especially love that first and third one down of you. That is the David I know and love. 😉

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