Summer Run 2013

Only one trip out to the Deschutes so far this season, but my what a trip it ended up being. Alex and I didn’t get out with the massive crowds in the early morning instead we chose the stay late method and got most of the river to ourselves. There was a crazy gold glow everywhere due to the fire over the hills near The Dalles that made for some crazy rich photos. The beautiful fish above was right on the side of a rock just above some really large rapids. Lucky for me the fish went upriver into some lovely slow water and not downriver. It had a gorgeous tail, but I am still not used to shooting my own fish with a SLR so I managed to cut of much of the fish in all the other shots.

Rev ‘er on up to head back home!

The little guy above was one of the most aerial steelhead I have landed. Every time it would jump I would drop my rod tip and just wait and pray that the tension wold still be there.

Alex tying on a Freight Train.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back out there.

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