Did anyone else realize that it’s already February? Not really sure what happened to January. While, that’s not entirely true. I got out one time In January to chase some chrome, but lets back up a little. Near my birthday back in December I got to head out to the North Fork Nehalem with Alex and we fished hard all day with no fish to show until Alex gave me my special present. I tied that new puppy on the end of my line and wouldn’t you know within five casts I had a huge buck on. I fought and fought to try and get him up out of the deep hole he was in. I got him all the way up to my hand and then I let the tension off (like a dope) and sure enough he was gone. Tis better to love and lost…

While then the holidays in Mexico happened which was an amazing trip with the whole family. Then my parents came out to help with the kids while my wife went to Virginia to help her mom who had a surgery. Then the norovirus hit the kids. A week of puke and poop. Yeeeehhhaaa!

I did get one trip to the area above the hatchery on the North Fork Nehalem to scope for wild steelhead on a particularly frigid day. We only saw one fish the whole day and I lost several flies in the boulder run trying to coax it out.  There was a really cool tree that had a cavity with icicles in it that looked really menacing on the way back like he was guarding some ancient forest secret and any second would spring to life.

I did get a new car which is cool since we have basically been a one car house and when the wife needed the car on the weekend I had to bum rides. The old ’96 Pontiac is finally being retired. So long old fella. Hope this new machine is a bit more fishy!

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