Dang trout

Well I knew it was kind of a long shot, but Alex and I decided to head up to Maupin and see if we could find any  steelhead hanging around that were hungry. We jumped out of the truck right in town and walked a ways down to a favorite spot where upon Alex once again broke a rod. He kind of has a thing for breaking rods and unfortunately last year I got that bug, but luckily nothing has happened for along time now.

Alex headed back up to the truck to get the back up rod out and I finished out the run and came back up and what should I see but The Haddis Catch machine parked right next to us. We gathered the new rod and headed down river to catch up with him. The three of us leap frogged our way down the river looking for that one big pull. I stuck with the spey rod all day and was really surprised to have several really nice redsides completely slam the new fly I have been tying. They slam the fly and your heart races then the realization that the fish is just not pulling hard enough, but hey I am not going to complain about catching some of the hardest fighting trout I know of.

We fished away the rest of the day until we were walking the tracks in the dark. We headed back up to Rainbow Tavern in town and waxed off a pitcher of beer and share great stories of fish and kids.

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