If, then

While if Thehaddiscatch can do a post with his three week old baby I don’t know why I cant scrape one together. Lets see…

I have been out to the Deschutes a few times this season, but since my trip with Tom Larimer my belief in using a swung fly and a two-handed rod to land steelhead has really come full circle. I have tied up some awesome little tube flies that Alex and I used on a recent trip and we had some great hook ups all around. I even landed a Chinook (I am pretty sure that is what it is. If you know different please let me know in the comments).

I also got into a nice steelhead just off a deep ledge as I have really learned the joys of T16 with the skagit head.

Alex got into what he called “a monster” with the same fly, but after a violent head shake the fish took the fly off to his hole. No doubt that fish is collecting flies and listing them on ebay. Punk.

Since the wife had the kids I went down to a favorite area on the McKenzie and got into some dry fly trout action before the season wound down. There were BWO all over the place and the fish were gorging in typical fall fattenting up style. Several 14 to 18 inch wild fish were brought to hand.

I even managed to find one 16 inch hatchery guy and brought him home for dinner. Some chantrelles I grabbed on the way home, a delicious spring salad and my box wine and I was rocking a serious bachelor meal.

Can’t wait for the Deschutes to fall into shape so I can go bug some of those steelhead again. This weekend though is Lego’s and swimming with my family.

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