Three Days

I have talked for so many years to my dad about coming out to Oregon to do a trip up the Deschutes that I was starting to think it would never happen. Low and behold though, from the 20 to 22 of August I got to go on a really fun camp trip up the Deschutes with my dad, his fishing buddy and my  brother from Austin. I think all of them were a little blown away by the size of the river and the flow. We met up with our guide Tom Larimer at Heritage Landing and did the ever fun ride up the river. I will never get tired of shooting up rattlesnake  rapids like that!

We got all our gear tossed in the tents and we went down to the river where my companions (who had never spey casted before) had a wonderful 45 minuet spey lesson.Tom had them out and casting line in no time. In fact my dads buddy was into a fish within hours of the lesson.

We had an awesome steak dinner and I had (at least) a few Ninkasi’s before stumbling off towards the tent. I got most of the way there and then looked up. I love being in remote places where I can see the arm of the milky way in the sky so the 30 second walk to the tent ended up taking 30 minuets or so. EARLY the next morning Tom made the rounds and as quickly as possible got food in out bellys and shuffled us into the boat.

I worked a great section near sunset bar and found an interested fish.  After the first hit I went through three flies before the fish settled on one it liked and I got it to hand. It was a fun little 6 or 7 pond fish, but had my early morning juices going.

Now I just decided to set back and enjoy the blackberries and watch my dad fish across the river.

A little later in the day I was fishing near water tower hole and went through the run with three flies with no luck. Tom came to pick me up and asked how I did. In disbelief that I found nothing he pulled out an amazing fly and said “let’s try this” a few casts later I landed this gorgeous fish below.

It was a completely awesome experience to be up on the river for so many hours in a row and to be up so high on the river. I cant wait for everyone to come out and do it again.

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