Winter Wild

I got my switch rod back from its time in repair and coaxed my buddy Alex to head out with me for a nice, grey, rainy, cold NW coastal winter steelhead trip. After we took the route to the river that involved people looking at us from there property with looks on there faces of “what are you doing on this road” we found our little section of river that was in perfect shape. Dropping and green (with a light tint of off color, mmmmm). I hadn’t slept much the night before (kids, geez) so I would work each hole or seam hard so I didn’t have to hike much. Alex on the other hand would fish through the hole and bust to the next. As I came up to one hole I looked down and saw Alex with what seemed like a boulder on his line that was determined to sit at the bottom of the river. When the boulder shook its head and I saw the line shake I bolted own the hill to try and help spot some slow water to get the fish out.

The fish fought a good fight and did lots of really fun runs. Alex managed to get the fish down the river into the slow water and I went in for the tale grab. I didn’t get the fish first time as I wasn’t really prepared for the size of the fish. We got it back into the slow water and the look on Alex’s face just says it all:

We stopped and got beers and tater tots on the way home just to celebrate. What a damn sexy fish and from one of those little NW coastal gems!

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