It’s Back

A few times ago I went out fishing on the Necanicum and was having a great day with barely anyone around. I fished one nice outside slot for awhile and had a fun grab. The hole I was fishing had a lot of low hanging branches above me and my Beulah switch rod was making easy work of getting casts to the other side. I headed back out near the end of the day to see if any other fish were in the holes a little farther up the river.  I found one of the nicest outside deep elbows on the river empty of people and got a little giddy. I crept up nice and low and let out a few casts. As my fly was drifting under the log jam I got what I think was a take and went to set the hook. I heard the sound every fisherman dreads of my rod snapping in half. What the fuck!!! I jumped into the edge of the deep hole to grab the tip of my ride that was sliding down my line and than stood in disbelief that my favorite rod had just snapped on me.

While after I stopped being pissed that my fishing day came to such a sad end I headed home. I shipped the rod off on Monday and now two weeks later I have my favorite rod back and I think I am going to head out tomorrow and see how she works. Hope that new rod section has the same sweet mojo as my old rod pieces.

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