Mega Mecca

Alex and I followed the stonefly hatch up the Deschutes (aka The best river ever)  to the area around Mecca Flats. For some reason we had never fished this area, but it was super fun. During the day the fishing was slow, but come sundown the fish exploded on the river and the new custom Chubby style flies I tied the night before really came into there prime. I have never seen top action like this on the Deschutes or any other river with such large trout rising for that matter. I have seen lots of small fish rising on many a river, but these were big redsides rising all around you. It was f***king awesome! Anyhow, within one hour both Alex and I had hooked many fish in the 16 to 20 inch range and after awhile we just had to get going since we had spent the whole day fishing and are arms were just burnt out. You know it is fun when you totally forget to take a single picture.

The fishing in Mecca Flats is super fun. I had very rarely been able to sight cast to trout on the Deschutes with its mixture of depth, size, and murky flow. The Mecca area has lots of gorgeous shallows that made it easy to spot lots of fish and that was such a fun change on my favorite river.