Maraca Buddies

I got back out to the Deschutes this past weekend along with Haddis Catch to go see if the big bugs were still hanging around. The grey, overcast, windy day was not making the bugs as active as they were the weekend before with the sun, but they were still hanging around in the grass. We hit up the best water we could find. I made lines to some of my favorite spots. Most of them are the super overgrown with blackbeeries type of places that you just look at your waders and say “sorry about the holes” to get into. Those spots have always produced the best for me. This time was no different. This beauty was hanging out right under some blackberries dangling over the edge of the river ten inches from the bank.

I headed down to an easier access spot and after getting rattled at by one of my maraca wielding friends (always fun for the nerves) I found this fun fighting fish.

The top action slowed and Haddis Catch went sub-surface and got into this beauty.

The best part of all was that we had the whole side of the river to ourselves! What more could you want.