Stonefly Take Two

I managed to get in one more great day on the Deschutes before this years stonelfy hatch is done. I hooked up with The Haddis Catch (thanks for the fun time!) and we busted a move to the river.

The big bugs were not really moving around as it was one of those crazy windy days on the river that can blow you over if your not ready for the burst of wind. It was great fun to see how another fisherman works the river. I need to remember sometimes that I need to just sit back and observe. It’s hard though when I only get out maybe once a week. I want my line in the river as much as possible and even my photos are showing a lack of observation.

I did however hook and loose the largest trout on the Deschutes that I have gotten into. In all fairness it was in a spot with giant standing waves and once the fish took the stonefly and bolted into the crazy fast water he probably just laughed at my 5x tippet. Of course I fished that spot for ten more minuets to see if he had a buddy there, and you can guarantee I will hit it up every time I go back now. I just may switch to 3x first.