Ramblin’ on

If I don’t get something up here I fear I may forget I have a blog for my records. I have actually done quite a bit of fishing, but have just not found the time to sit down and right anything about it. Recently I went to Colorado for my youngest brothers graduation from college (way to go dude, super proud).

My wife and I dropped the kids off with grandma and grandpa for a day and spent a wonderful two days down in Taos, NM. We did a guided rafting trip on the Rio Grande in a small “funyak” which is just an inflatable two person kayak. The wife and I bounce off many a rock, but we didn’t flip once which was kind of nice considering the water was freezing and the air was only 75 degrees.

I got to fish the Cimarron on the way out of Taos, but I am not much of a small creek fisherman and the “river” as they call it was only about six feet across and about two feet deep. A few days later I got to head up to Cheesman Canyon with my younger brother and I was reminded again just how much I love that place.

You can spot so many fish and you just walk around looking for ones that are actively feeding or you are just wasting your time. Of course it also reminds me that I need to get myself a pair of prescription polarized glasses as my “young boy” fish spotting eyes just don’t seem to be doing there job so well anymore.

I landed this nice fish below in Cheesman which is pretty fun considering he is the largest I have managed to land there. SUPER freaked out dish in crystal clear water that barely make your indicator pause for a second when they take the fly. Nothing like the fish on the Deschutes.

Which mentioning the Deschutes… I got to go out over the holiday weekend and was super surprised to find no one out. I hiked down river from Maupin and saw two other people on that side of the river all day. Everyone’s loss is my fun! Three Norm Wood  casts into the day I had a nice fish on and the day was on.

There was a really nice 18 inch fish on a stonfly nymph of my own design, but the hook was so wedged into his lower mouth that by the time I got it out I sent him on his way for fear of exhausting him. Conservation always wins out over some goofy photo in my book. As the sun was going down I worked my way up a grassy bank and it seemed like every other cast was annihilating the Norm Woods. I got to the point that I was just letting them sink as I couldn’t dry them off enough and the fish were still pounding them. The sun headed down and I headed off in search of a burger and a beer.