Steelhead all around

I took  my pontoon out for it’s once a year trip up to lost lake (near nehalem). I was amazed to find that the pontoon broken down fit easily into the back of my new-minivan which I think I will just call van from now on as there is nothing mini about it. I did not manage to get into any of the large steelhead that ODFW released into the lake, but it was fun (and strange) to watch them swim around under you. Many, many little trout were caught and every time I felt the take I hoped that it was a bruiser but alas, my steelhead will be from rivers, just the way it should be.


Alright, so lets see. A few weeks back my wife and kids were away at the grandparents. Alex and I hit up the coastal rivers in search up some wild steelhead before closing day on the rivers. We hit up that o-so-secret of coastal rivers that have the large wild fish. As always going up along the now out of service railroad tracks is always a trip. Nature reclaiming all of mans hard work. Ripping slowly at the concrete, timbers, and rails. No steelhead were caught, but a few were spotted.

The following day I headed off to the Nestucca to do a little late afternoon fishing and didn’t quiet make it. I came around a corner, caught some gravel on my rear tire and the car skidded into a tree. Luckily I had one bar of service and six calls to 911 later I was able to get them my location. The nicest cop showed up and called for someone to come tow my car away. He even gave me a ride 30 minuets away back to McMinville with my dog.

The following weekend my family was still gone, but I borrowed Alex’s car and decided I was going to go back up to the Nestucca for the last open day of coastal fishing. It had been raining for days and I knew the river was going to be blown, but I just had to go back. I found some nice deep edges and managed to get one grab from a fish and with that I decided to head back home. I passed the spot where I had hit the tree the previous week and got out to take a look. Going back there was therapeutic for me. Thanks for letting me borrow your car buddy!

Hopefully next year I will have more time to get out to the coastal rivers more. This year the winter fishing was very sporadic for me. On to a little trout fishing than off to find some of those summer steelhead that are already showing up in some rivers.