Holiday 2011

Over the holidays my family and I got away to Colorado to spend some time with the extended family. My dad and I drove up into 11 mile which is a beutiful tailwater flowing through some of the most gorgeous fishing water you could ask for. No fish were hooked that day, but a bald eagle flying directly overhead 20 feet up and some great beers and conversation rounded it out perfectly.

The ice along the bank was six feet into the river making the river much more personal than the other times I had been there. So many of the holes I fished in the summer along the banks were sorely missed. A few days later I went back up to 11 mile with my two brothers and much of the ice had started to melt. A few hours in my younger brother found a fish in some slow water and I about fell flat on my face as I rushed down the icy banks to help him net it. The fish threw the hook, but we worked that slot for the next¬† hour just to make sure he didn’t have some hungry friends in there. A little later we all moved to another spot and low and behold the same eagle flew overhead in the same spot as my previous day. My younger brother and I found a large group of fish in a deep hole and casted to them with every nymph and weight combination I could think¬† of. My older brother hooked I nice fish up higher (see it here). We all went back to the truck and downed jerky, chili-cheese fritos, beers, and port and got back home to the most amazing ossobuco that my mom made. The meat just fell right off the bone (MMMMMMmmmmm).

Another major highlight of the trip is that I got to go flying with my younger brother who has a pilot license. After a few nausea pills (I learned I get REALLY motion sick now that I am older when I went halibut fishing in Alaska a few years back) we got the all clear from the tower and we were sky bound. It was one of the most amazing things to be in such a small plane just my bro and me. We flew down to my parents house and did a few circles until my dad and daughter saw us from the house. I texted my wife that we were flying near the house and she said her and my mom were a few miles away. My brother headed down the road that leads to there house until he spotted the car and than almost made my breakfast come up as he got excited and banked the plane hard to circle back along the car.

On the flight back up to the airport I got to try my hand at flying and lets just say I managed not to crash the plane.