Fun time for the little one

I took my daughter, wife, and three week old boy up to a Rainbow Trout Farm just outside of Sandy, Oregon and my daughter couldn’t have enjoyed herself more. She has been with me when I have caught a few trout here and there. She has even netted a few for me. But up at this place she could sit with me and we would cast out and she would get really excited when a fish would shake the rod in her hands. She enjoyed trying to reel them in, but her favorite part was “catching” the fish in the net.

We spent about $20 and brought home five fish which they clean there for you. The place was really well landscaped and they had ten or so ponds one of which even had some really big trout cruising in it. If you have little ones running around the house and want to introduce them to some fishing this place was a hoot.


Just got an order of beads to refill my dwindling supply. The good guys at Blue Quill Angler in Colorado are doing free shipping the month of July and they have great deals on beads. 100 packs of brass beads are 5 or 6 dollars and tungsten 50 packs are 10 to 18 dollars. Get ’em while the shipping is free. Or stop in as they have the coolest little log cabin fly shop.

Birds Nest

Last week the grandma-in-law had to head back to Virginia, but the day before she left I managed to sneak in one more day of fishing. I headed on over to what is quickly becoming my favorite trout river, the Deschutes. I can’t even count the amount of days I spent on that river getting completely skunked or being completely excited that I caught a few six inch fish. So much so that I gave up on it out of frustration. Than a few years back Alex and I hit the Stonefly hatch and since than things have just been improving. Now I have found really nice hefty trout every time I have gone.

This time I was fishing all the deeper spots I could find as it was a pure blue sky out with no wind (seriously, no wind). I was having a good time and found a few 12 inchers here and there. Than as I was fishing my way up a nice little run I saw a fluorescent green bait casters hook setup in a bush six feet or so out in the river. I went out to get it out of the bush and noticed there was a nice little beat up BH birds nest. It looked nice and tasty so on the line it went (and I removed the bait thingy). That little beat up fly produce six more fish in the 16-18 inch range. Just goes to show you can never tie your birds nest to beat up or too messy.

For a tying tutorial try Charlie Craven.