Norm Woods is special

I should have headed up to Trout Creek I thought as I looked around and only saw a handful of stoneflies in the grass. My fishing buddies leg is busted up from a game of soccer and I just didn’t feel like driving any farther than Maupin. So I jumped out of the car with a belly full of sunflower seeds I had cracked on the way to pass the drive time and walked down the tracks. The first few spots I hit had no action on the surface so I gave a whirl on my Czech nymphing skills. Along the rocky edges I found lots of fish that all strangely took the largest fly that I would put on my rig. A dozen fish later I got back to what I really came out to do and put the dry flies back on. I cycled through all the new “standbys” and none of them produced. I went to one spot that I know a nice 18 incher lives and decided to go old school and put on a Norm Woods Special. There is just something about the way that fly lies in the water, the calf tail just barley floating above the surface. Right as I got Norm up to the rock that the fish hangs at I saw the slowest take and than an explosion of jumps as the fish tried  to run into the rapids. Unlike last year, when I got a fish at the same spot, I didn’t let him get into those rapids saving myself from getting soaked from slipping as I tried to keep the fish on (for the record I did land the fish, yahooo!!).

After that I worked my way through the blackberry’s and poison oak on the side of the river up to another spot and found another fish that ripped into the backing after a crazy take.

That is going to have to be it for this season. Usually I would head back up for one or two more weeks following the bugs up the river, but I have a baby due soon and I can’t head off that far. This blog may have to be about fly thing for awhile and I have some new fun patterns I have been hankering to tie up.

PS: As I was writing this post my wife mailed me  a photo of this little guy that came along in the car. Freaked her out when it climbed her leg, but I love the fact that she just caught it in a container so she could show me and we could set it free.


Chubby Chernobyls for free

Flower in the Deschutes canyon

While it’s stonefly/salmonfly time on the mighty Deschutes, but those river levels just won’t seem to go down. I went up last Friday and found a few fish here and there that were willing to come meet with a Chubby Chernobyl or Norm Woods Special. Many more fish decided to rail on the Mercer’s Micro Mayfly that was trailing two feet behind the stimulator. Not to mention the Possie Bugger that cleaned up after I dry flied through a section.

At one point I was cleaning up the plethora of flip-flops and water bottles on the side of the river and I actually found a perfectly good  Chubby Chernobyl hanging around on one of them:

This was on top of the other four flies and a pair of nippers I found that day. See garbage collecting does pay off. Now if only I could find the fly box that whitefishcantjump dropped a year or so back.

What? A post?

Alright. As you may have noticed I have not been writing all that much lately. Big changes going on. First off my little 850 square foot house in Portland is now around 1400 square feet. Weekends have been spent putting in tile, electric, trim, and the million other things that go with an addition. Not to mention just managing the whole project and making sure what you want done is done.

Than there is the fact that we are expecting our second child in the middle of June. So finishing the house is taking on a very serious tone. Little babies and miter saws really don’t mix.


After just over a month of not fly fishing my beautiful wife was kind enough to let me run off to the Deschutes to get a some VERY needed river time. The wind was howling, the fish weren’t all that active, and the largest I found was in the picture above, but I had a AWESOME day. It’s so great that just being on the river and feeling the beauty and magic of the place coursing in your soul is what fills you up.

As for the Deschutes—I saw some of these around which might mean something to some of you:

The late afternoon the fish were keyed in on dead drifted stonefly nymphs (they loved the 20 incher fly) and a few even came up to slap the Chubby Chernobyls. Last year the prime time was right around May 15th, but this year may be a little harder as we have not had many warm days (last year we started out May with several days over 70). The river was still running fairly high when I was there and all the fish I found were in the slow water.  Get out there if you can!!