Head-sized Chantrelle

Alex and I went with the families down to the Umpqua to stay with a friends this past weekend and managed to get completely skunked on the river. We headed up to a remote piece of property that the family we were staying with owns to look for mushrooms and not expecting much since the weather has been getting cold here. As we drove up to the property I was hanging on to the outside of Alex’s SUV so I could hop off and move the downed trees and rocks while still grabbing the chantelles along the way. One patch at the top of the hill produced tons of chantelles including the beauty in the picture. I cooked up a bunch that night for the huge dinner we had that the family we were staying with had prepared. We had smoked turkey from someone down near Umpqua and it was amazing—and a head-sized chantrelle.

Weekend Two

Beautiful colors on a Bull trout that Alex caught.

This Steelhead stopped right in front of Alex to get it’s photo taken. It had some strange hook/yarn combo stuck on it’s fin. I stood up river from Alex and casted to it a few times but after I went through my arsenal of flies we decided it wasn’t hungry so we just enjoyed watching this large fish think that Alex was tree (or just really likes Italians).

Got my photo snapped with one of my dry fly taking buddies.