New boots

I have been falling a LOT when I have been going out lately and have been chocking it up to getting older. But then I actually flipped my felt boots over to look at them and noticed that the felt was almost wearing through. Have I really logged that many miles on these boots? I guess I am in to hiking to get at the more remote spots so it makes sense. Anyhow, I went to get the Simms Rivershed and ended up with the Guide model. While I was at it I got nine HardBite star cleats for each boot and headed out in my first pair of non-felt boots. Let me tell you these things are like glue. Before long I was hopping from algae covered rock to algae covered rock along the edge of the Deschutes. I will be curious to see how they work on the Clackamas or Sandy with there small stone bottoms.

I also managed to catch few nice fish. The guys at the shop swore that there was dry fly action but I couldn’t find it. Instead I slipped on some 8 and 10 Black Stones that I have been revising on the vise over the last few weeks. They worked like a charm. The strange thing is that I only landed the first fish. The other ones would be on for a good amount of time but I didn’t get any to hand. Two came off right as I went to net them and three came off after 30 seconds or more on the line. I need to stop getting so excited about finally starting to figure out some of the workings of the Deschutes after all these years and just concentrate on landing the fish. Besides now that I think I am starting to figure the river out it will just change on me again, such is the nature of the Deschutes.

Since I can’t fish

We can’t seem to get away from rain here in the NW. The moisture that usually shoots up to Alaska is aimed straight at us.

So the rivers are blown. The Deschutes is even flooding some of the campgrounds below Maupin. Geez. Guess I will go make a Stumptown latte and settle into my chair for some tying. I have to bust out some brassies and RS2’s for the Colorado trip anyway.

And I will imagine of the fish to come…