New Toys

I went to a free Spey demo day that Larimer Outfitters put on and it was great. It was fun to see so may spey casters all standing around  trying  to act like they were not checking out what setup the other person had. There were a few there who seemed like they really knew what they were doing but most of us were either starting out were just at the point where you are starting to think you might have some sort of spey skills (but then you get smacked on the ear with a fly). The demonstrations were from Tom Larimer, Brian Styskal, Jeff Hickman, and Mike Duffy. The sink tip lesson that Jeff went through really got me thinking that I need to get my flies down even more then I have been doing. To do that I think I may have to get a wider assortment of sink tip lines ($$$). Then there was the switch rod class that Mike did, ugh! He was chucking a nymph rig out 80 feet with no back cast and using a rod that was only 11 feet and super light (not like my spey rod setup which feels like a workout by the end of the day). You can also cast the switch rod single hand. Just when I thought I had all my possible rod/reel configurations covered. Would be a great setup for our big NW rivers.


I like finding old postcards and photos of bridges and rivers so I was really excited to find this one the other day as I poked around the internet. This bridge is at the junction of the Salmonberry River (coming in from the center right) and the Nehalem River (the main river flowing down the center). I have walked across the bridge many a time and have even found a few fish in the hole right behind the rocks that are in the center of image. The train doesn’t run anymore as the tracks were all damaged or washed away (see this post). I got the card for $3 from a place in Eugene.


“By the time I turned thirty, I’d realized two important things. One, I had to fish. Two, I had to work for a living.” Mallory Burton

“To him, all good things – trout as well as eternal salvation – come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” Norman MacLean

“One moment you’re holding a dripping, sparkling fish, the next you’re looking at the water seeing an image of yourself and no one else. For a moment, you know precisely who you are.” John Gierach


Yes I have been fishing. Once a week unfortunately. I went and took a full-time job a few months ago and the change has been painful. To go from setting your own hours to being in an office from 8:30-5 is a hard transition for a fly fisher to say the least.

I did however get to go down to the McKenzie with Alex on Saturday and we had a great time enjoying the weather and exploring. We don’t usually stay lower on the river due to the amount of people around but that is the only section open right now. We found some really great sections with beautiful holes and sweet runs (not that it’s hard to find those on the McKenzie) but no trout could be enticed. We got back in the car and we were going to head just a mile or so up the river but we ended up miles up the river on one of the upper reservoirs. We have a little place up there that seems to offer up fish on every trip. This time we got there and Alex got a yank on one of his first casts and I got a nice take a few cast in. We must be out of practice because neither of us managed to land our fish.Then I got a rally nice hold over hatchery fish and managed to get him a few feet from me before I lost him. Oh well, at least it was fun to have my 5 weight back in hand and to see it bowed over. And the season begins…

I promise to post more often (as soon as taxes are done).