Macroinvertbrate Sampling on the Salmonberry River

Alex and I had a great time on Saturday sampling macroinvertbrates with Ian of the Native Fish Society and the Association of NW Steelheaders. We went up into the headwaters of the Salmonberry River on the NW coast and than hiked up a small creek to take the samples. The creek had filled many feet deep with sediment from the 2007 flood that ravaged the area and the creek had cut a new path through all the sediment. At one point the entire creek disappeared under the sediment and reemerged 100 feet or so down stream. Many bugs were collected for counting and I was really surprised to see the amount of golden stoneflys that were in the creek. If you look carefully in the photo of the sample bottle you can see one of them at about 9’oclock. I will definitely be back out there next year to do the sampling and see how the river has changed (I will post up on this blog when I hear news about events like this next time).